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A selection of handmade silk moths are lined up on a black background
Three pale pink silk moth hair clips sit on a gift glossy card
A hand holds three pink silk moth hair clips all finished with Swarovski Crystals
A picture of brightly coloured silk m moth hair clips lined up at an angle on a black background
A model with dramatic black eyes wears a set of three silk moth hair clips
Three silk moth hair clips sit on an opened vintage book of moths.
Close up detail of silk moth hair clips
three tiger moth hair clips with Swarovski Crystals sit on a glossy gift card
Close up of the Deathshead hawk moth hair clip with a Swarovski crystal skull detail
An open vintage book with a madagascan sunset moth, cinnabar moth and Spanish moon moth hair clips
A circle of orange and brown coloured moth hair clips arranged on a black background
A model with black braided hair wears three silk moth hair clips
The full collection of 18 silk moth hair clips laid on a black background like museum specimens, each one numbered so you can pick your own mix of colours

Mini Moth Collection

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I've put together this collection of smaller sized moth hair clips for those that prefer them a bit more dainty. You can pick your own mix, see the image with the numbered chart. All finished with a mix of beautiful sparkling Swarovski Crystals. 

Please make your selection from the numbered chart and add a note to your order with your choices. eg: 1 x #5 

The larger the set the cheaper the price per moth!

You can mix them up with some of the larger moths (also available in store) or wear lots of little ones like a crown! 

My moths are hand cut from silk, its soft sheen is just like the real wings of a moth or butterfly. I gently stiffen the silk so my creations hold their shape and don’t fray.

These moths have 6cm-7cm approximate wingspans and are attached to a 35mm alligator clip.

Each moth will come presented on a glossy postcard, tucked into a vellum envelope and tied with satin ribbon. The card protects it through the shipping process and also provides a safe place to keep your moth when you are not wearing it.