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Green Luna Moth Hair clip with Swarovski Crystals

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My Luna Moth hair clips are just too pretty to only come out at night, so be sure to wear yours in the daytime too! 

This stunning hair clip is hand-cut from silk, its soft sheen is just like the real wings of a moth or butterfly. I gently stiffen the silk so my creations hold their shape and don't fray. This male Luna moth has its feathery antennae too!

With a wingspan of 10cm at the widest point, this silk moth is actual size and has sparkling Swarovski Crystals for extra sparkle. It is attached to a new larger 5cm silver alligator clip (thank you to my customers for their invaluable feedback!)

Each moth will come presented on a premium glossy postcard, tucked into a vellum envelope and tied with satin ribbon. The card protects it through the shipping process and also provides a safe place to keep your moth when you are not wearing it.

A beautiful, but not too scary Halloween accessory, the sparkling Swarovski Crystals adding to their charm!

Clip them in your hair, onto a hat or top. Add them to your fairy lights or lampshades, they look especially stunning in floral arrangements too.

You are purchasing a SINGLE Luna moth hair clip.

Commissions are most welcome, please contact me with your ideas xx