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May Gardening

Whilst in lockdown many of us have been spending more time in the garden, the wonderful weather has certainly helped lift spirits! Nothing calms me more than pottering around in my little 'Yarden' (my small yard/garden) This year I'm really focusing on adding lots of new plants for the pollinators, I've added a new Buddleia or butterfly bush, chives, thyme and lavenders and have repotted my beautiful night scented jasmine. I'm hoping to attract plenty of butterflies and moths this summer! I've also left a small wild patch in the lane behind my house to grow wild, letting the nettles, poppies and red campion to self seed and spread naturally.

The Grow Wild website has lots more information about the best wild flowers to pick and grow in your gardens as well as wonderful youth and community projects in your area. Hopefully some garden centres can open safely soon and we can pick up some new blooms for our outside sanctuaries. Please bear in mind the butterflies and bees when making your choices.

You can find lots more information on how to encourage and protect butterflies in your garden over on the Butterfly Conservation website including details of their fabulous Big Butterfly Count.

The image below was from one of the first photo shoots my little butterflies appeared in, shot by Sarah Ann Wright Photography the model wears silk butterfly hair clips, including the Red Admiral, native to the UK and a frequent visitor to our summer gardens.

Happy gardening and Stay Safe! Sophie xx

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