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Blooming June

I just can't believe it's June already, the year is speeding by again! The lockdown has had me in a fog of confusion, everyday blending into the next. Non of our usual routines, but lots of new ones and so the new relaxed schedule continues into the summer months. Thanks to the beautifully warm weather my children and I have been spending lots of time outside in our little garden, and now June has arrived the seeds and saplings we planted back in April are beginning to bloom. Although many trips and excursions have been cancelled we are enjoying the simple pleasures instead with countryside ambles and bike rides keeping us fit. Board games and baking sessions (not simultaneously!) are becoming new favourite activities as we adapt to our new routines. I'm getting pretty good at Mario Karts too!


As well as enjoying some sunny walks locally and finally finding flour and embarking on an epic baking marathon I have found some time to create a few new products! These Dragonfly Clips, below, have a lovely double layered wing feature and flutter beautifully as you move, of course I've added my signature Swarovski for a bit of twinkle.

Although lots of weddings have sadly been cancelled, some lucky couples managed to tie the knot before lockdown commenced. One lovely customer has shared an image of her wedding cake, she used some of my silk 'Orange Tip' butterflies (native to the UK) to the decoration, I think they look wonderful! She left some fabulous feedback too -

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The orange-tip butterflies I ordered for my wedding were a huge smash! We managed to squeeze our ceremony and cake in just before lockdown, so unfortunately not all my bridesmaids could wear their hair clips, but we placed butterflies on our cake and they looked beautiful. Exquisitely made, great service- I need an excuse to get some more now" ☺️ -Catriona

Fingers crossed the beautiful weather continues and I shall be back in July with some more news and musings. 

 Stay Safe out there,

 Sophie x

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